Yoga For The Cardiovascular System – Weekly Intermediate Class 252

Focus: This dynamic class will get you moving and boost your heart rate. It will help to stimulate your cardiovascular system and lift your mood. This vinyasa style class features continuous flowing motion. The movements of your body are closely synchronised with the movements of your breath. From an initial exploration of asanas related to surya namaskar the class eventually features a dynamic action where the momentum of your moving body repeatedly carries you from paschimottanasana to halasana. This back and forth swinging action brings a sense of lightness and freedom that can help to cut through both physical and mental rigidity. In addition to stimulating the cardiovascular system, vinyasa yoga sequences can also be beneficial for a variety of other reasons. Dynamic in nature, they can cultivate strength, and generate energy. Hence it can help with depression, anxiety and stress and is great for improving mobility in stiff joints and muscles. The process of linking breath and movement cultivates mindfulness in action, which has broad ranging mental health benefits.

Key Poses: Surya namaskar, paschimottanasana, halasana. 

Equipment: Mat, 2 blocks, blanket.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 45 min




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