Core Strength – Weekly Intermediate Class 183

Focus: In addition to strengthening your abdominal muscles this class will also help to strengthen each of the main muscles associated with the core muscle group. These muscles reach deep into the torso and help to stabilise your spine, pelvis and shoulders. In addition to providing stability they can also improve balance, mobility and overall body strength in a variety of asanas. This sequence combines common abdominal strengthening poses such as paripurna navasana, ardha navasana and urdhva prasarita padasana with additional poses like vasisthasana and chaturanga dandasana that help to target the main muscles involved with core strength.

Key Poses: Paripurna navasana, vasisthasana.

Equipment: Block, blanket.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 30 min





  1. Stacy S

    Hi Rod
    In Adho mukha vrksasana –
    1st question – Is the head down with support bolster or partner variation is this to help with shoulders? 2nd question- In the final position the head is lifted.. I always wonder why we are we not engaging Jalandhara bandha in the full pose and kicking up? I have always taught it the same way and until now never questioned myself why?

  2. Lynn M

    Hi there,
    I’ve just completed this class on core strength but when I click on ‘mark complete’ it doesn’t register on the list on the right?

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