Seated Twists Essentials – Weekly Intermediate Class 76

Focus: This class consolidates the essential techniques of seated twists. After some initial preparatory poses the class heads straight to twists. Basic principles are initially explored in a simple cross leg twisting position. Care is taken here to lift the spine before adding the twisting aspect of the pose. From there you head to the kneeling twist bharadvajasana where your hips are consciously held level. In marichyasana III you are able to deepen the twist by utilising your arm strength. Eventually a version of ardha matsyendrasana helps you to release your back whilst penetrating still further into the twisting action.

Key Poses: Bharadvajasana, marichyasana III, ardha matsyendrasana

Equipment: Mat, bolster, 3 blankets, 2 blocks, belt

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 30 min

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