Ardha Chandrasana & Parsvottanasana – Weekly Intermediate Class 72

Focus: The focus of this weeks intermediate class are the standing poses ardha chandrasana and parsvottanasana. Each asana is methodically broken down into stages where key aspects of the pose can be learnt in isolation. Eventually theses stages are recombined to result in an improved final position.

Ardha chandrasana is practiced initially with a focus on the standing leg, then then raised leg, and eventually the top arm. Finally all of these aspects are synchronised into the one continuous movement.  In parsvottanasana the namaskar arm action is introduced initially with your arms clasped behind your back. This is then developed to the baddha hastasana action with your arms folded behind your back, before eventually adding namaskar.

Key Poses: ardha chandrasana, parsvottanasana

Equipment: Mat, blanket, 2 blocks

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 35 min

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    • Rod

      That’s fantastic! Glad to hear it! Sounds like it must have felt good 😀

  1. Anita S

    I can feel my Ardha Chandrasana coming back to its former glory. After not practicing Iyengar for some months I found I was quite shaky in a lot of the asanas. It’s fabulous to know that with dedicated practice it comes back.
    Thanks Rod. Namaste

    • Rod

      That’s lovely to hear Anita. It sounds as though you are starting to build some momentum with your practice – which is fantastic.

    • Rod

      You’re welcome Yolanda. Really glad they are working for you!

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