Parsvottanasana 9 Ways – Weekly Intermediate Class 129

Focus: Learn parsvottanasana nine ways. In a home yoga practice we do not always need a complicated sequence of different poses to reach all of the different regions of the body. A simple standing pose like parsvottanasana can be approached in such a way that it can be beneficial for multiple body regions. With this in mind this sequence is based around a variety of parsvottanasana adaptations. Some of them will target your calves. Others will lengthen your hamstrings. Your upper back and neck will benefit from some of the variations, and a number of shoulder opening actions can be derived from the pose. This class gives you the opportunity to go deeper into parsvottanasana.

Key Poses: Parsvottanasana.

Equipment: Mat, Chair, 2 blocks, 2 blankets.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 45 min

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  1. silvana o

    Thanks!! Very creative! I feel each variation very Deep.
    Silvana from Argentina

    • Rod

      Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback Silvana! Glad you enjoyed the class. I hope you are keeping safe and well over in Argentina. Best wishes from Australia.

  2. Astrid E

    I really enjoyed exploring these different approaches to parsvottanasana. Having the blocks at different heights really made a difference. I am working with some tendinopathy in my shoulders and I try to switch from your shoulder series to other courses and while reverse prayer pose is definitely not available to me, I found this series beneficial.

    • Rod

      Thanks for your feedback Astrid. It’s really rewarding to hear the classes are helping you in that way!

  3. Susan J

    Feeling more freedom in the chest and shoulders with this one! Thank you!

  4. Rod

    Thanks Belinda! You were quick to get onto this one! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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