Prop Free Yoga Sequence – Weekly Intermediate Class 160

Focus: This weeks intermediate class relies on no yoga props other than a yoga mat. This may be helpful for the many people around the world who have recently had to shift their yoga practice to a home environment that may not have access to a range of yoga equipment. The class will be ideally suited to less experienced students and will guide you through ways of modifying poses without props, but it may also be of interest to yoga teachers who may be looking for ideas about how to minimise infection risk by eliminating contact with extraneous equipment. The class works on multiple areas of the body and will be ideal for maintaining your yoga practice. It includes asanas from a variety of pose groups. 

Key Poses: Trikonasana, parsvakonasana, virabhadrasana 2, parsvottanasana, urdhva mukha svanasana, chatush padasana.

Equipment: Mat.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 50 min

Yoga poses