Hips, Wrists And Abdominals – Weekly Intermediate Class 31

Focus: This class begins with some basic hip opening poses. It then progresses to poses that help to bring mobility and strength to your wrists. Poses such as visvamitrasana and eka hasta bhujasana are great for wrists but also help to improve your overall body strength.

Eventually the class heads in the direction of abdominal strengthening poses. This sequence covers a diverse range of poses and body regions. It will be well suited to anyone wanting to focus on poses that target the wrists, but will also be beneficial in terms of improving strength generally.

Key Poses: vasisthasana, visvamitrasana, eka hasta bhujasana, paripurna navasana

Equipment: Mat, 2 blankets, 2 blocks, belt

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 50 min

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  1. Laura G

    This was fun…even the new poses went ok! But, I also learned that I can’t push up from chaturanga dandasana at all. What should I do instead, and how should I work on this? Thanks.

    • Rod

      Hi Laura, thanks for your comment. It is very common to find this pose challenging, or to not be able to lift off the floor. Unlike some other yoga poses there is not such a big difference between being able to do the pose and not being able to do the pose. It is mainly a mental state, as for many people this comes with a sense of achievement. When you lift off the floor it is only a small distance. The work remains the same as when you were on the floor. I say this so that you do not underestimate the benefits that come when you cannot lift off the floor. It is still an extremely strengthening pose. Having said that, many people find that they are able to lift up more easily with flat blocks under their hands. Or coming to the pose from dog pose rather than the floor. Remember that the pose is a combination of leg strength, abdominal strength and upper body strength. All of these aspects need to work together, rather than relying purely on the upper body. Looking forwards as opposed to downwards can also help some people, and of course the variation where you lean into the wall from half dog pose is also a great preparatory pose. Great that you are trying new poses. I hope this helps. Let me know how you go. Rod

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