Twists – Weekly Intermediate Class 101

Focus: This weeks intermediate class focuses exclusively on twists. It includes standing twists, seated twists and chair twists. The class will be ideal for people wanting to concentrate on the general back releasing benefits of twists. It will also be beneficial for people wanting to brush up on the standing twist parivrtta parsvakonasana. This featured pose is broken down into stages that gradually build towards the final position. The video also includes most of the main seated twists such as bharadvajasana, ardha matsyendrasana and marichyasana III. The latter section of the class includes some supported chair twists. 

Key Poses: Parivrtta parsvakonasana, bharadvajasana, ardha matsyendrasana, marichyasana III.

Equipment: Mat, chair, blanket, 2 blocks.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 45 min

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  1. Kristina D

    Hey Rod, wonderful chest releasing class especially the upper back. I noticed it before and now again. When I wrap my arm and press the elbow against the knee it’s so painful in a spot just above the elbow. Have you heard it before? What to do? All the best and 🙏🏻. Kristina

  2. Linzi K

    Great to be back! I found some amazing releases in my spine during this practice. Wonderful clear, precise instructions. Thank you Rod…Nameste

  3. Jacqui S

    Found some great instructors in here to access length. Really enjoyed. Thanks Rod.

    • Rod

      You’re welcome Jacqui. Thank you for your feedback. I’m really glad the instructions worked for you.

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