Yoga Poses To Combat Fatigue – Weekly Intermediate Class 88

Focus: This class focuses on restorative yoga poses to help combat fatigue. It includes supported chest opening poses and inversions that help to calm the nervous system. All of the poses can be practiced without needing the use of a wall. This is helpful for individuals practicing in a home environment with limited space, and also for larger groups of students in studios with restricted wall space. This intermediate class shares some common poses with this weeks advanced class, and will be a helpful bridge in terms of making the transition between the two levels on the website. Some of the inversions included towards the end of this class will be ideal preparatory poses for the niralamba sarvangasana that is featured in this weeks advanced class. 

Key Poses: Salamba purvottonasana, viparita karani, chair sarvangasana

Equipment: Mat, chair, 2 bolsters, 3 blankets, 2 blocks, belt

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 45 min

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