Exploring Virabhadrasana III – Weekly Intermediate Class 104

Focus: This weeks intermediate class on Yoga Selection explores ways of correctly aligning your pelvis In virabhadrasana III and related poses. For many people the pelvis tends to slant in this pose as soon the back leg rises. This tendency can overload the muscles in the lower back, and make the pose more prone to instability. In this video the hip alignment necessary for a balanced virabhadrasana III is first explored in variations of dog pose. This enables the hip action to be developed without the risk of losing your balance. From here the basic shape of virabhadrasana III is rotated around different positions including standing, reclining and upside down. This enables various arm, leg and whole body actions to be isolated and explored. The pose is unpacked and broken down into manageable key actions. These preparatory stages eventually prepare you for approaching the final pose without supports in the latter part of the class.

Key Poses: Virabhadrasana III

Equipment: Mat, chair, blanket, 2 blocks.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 55 min

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