Virabhadrasana III – Weekly Intermediate Class 69

Focus: This tutorial style class concentrates solely on the standing pose virabhadrasana III. Different versions and adaptations of the pose are explored in ways that help to highlight and explain fundamental techniques. The pose is practiced initially from the perspective of downward facing dog pose and handstand. From there the pose is explored with the hands, and then back foot supported by a wall. Eventually the full pose is developed away from the wall in free balance. This video is a great opportunity to consolidate and improve your understanding of this challenging standing pose.

Key Poses: Virabhadrasana III

Equipment: Mat, blanket, 2 blocks

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 25 min

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  1. Anita S

    Hi Rod
    I found my right side a lot harder to align than the left side. I know this can often be the case with many of the asanas. I will need to work more with Virabhadrasana III. Namaste and thanks for the workshop.

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