Surya Namaskar & Abdominals – Weekly Intermediate Class 98

Focus: This week’s intermediate class features a dynamic vinyasa style Iyengar Yoga sequence. The class starts with an exploration of surya namaskar. Each of the poses contained in this famous sequence of movements are introduced initially in isolation, and are then progressively linked with their companion poses to form a flowing sequence. Eventually the movements of the body are closely synchronised with the movements of the breath. This approach to surya namaskar emphasises safety, builds confidence, and technical understanding. This style of class is both energising and strengthening. Eventually the class heads towards poses that help to build abdominal strength. Again, these poses are introduced initially as preparatory stages, and are then linked with dynamic movements that synchronise with the breath. 

Key Poses: surya namaskar, urdhva prasarita padasana.

Equipment: Mat, blanket.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 40 min

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  1. Janet B

    I enjoyed this. Quite aerobic and I think my stomach might ache a bit tomorrow!

    • Rod

      Hi Janet,

      Yes this one definitely gets the blood pumping! Hope your stomach was okay!

  2. Anita S

    Jumping into Chaturanga was a challenge, but great that the steps were beautifully broken down in this class.
    Namaste and thanks for the great start to the day.

    • Rod

      Thanks Anita. Glad it was helpful for you. I included multiple repetitions so there was opportunity to practice it a few times. This tends to help.

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