Yoga Poses For Healthy Knees – Weekly Intermediate Class 59

Focus: This class focusses on yoga poses that help to strengthen, and bring flexibility to the muscles associated with your knees. Many of the poses in the sequence will help to strengthen your quadriceps muscle group generally, but your Vastus Medialis specifically. This muscle sits just above and to the inside of your kneecap, and is fundamental to the proper functioning of your knee. Techniques are also given to help maintain space within your knee joints in kneeling positions; and how to avoid stress being placed on your knees in standing poses. The class will be ideal for anyone needing to take particular care of their knees, or anyone interested in optimising the general health of their knees.

Key Poses: virasana, utkatasana, trikonasana, virabhadrasana II, parsvakonasana

Equipment: Mat,1 blanket, 2 blocks

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 50 min

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