Yoga For The Neck – Weekly Intermediate Class 242

Focus: Intermediate yoga for the neck. This sequence selects yoga poses that will help to improve the health of your neck. The neck tends to benefit from improved mobility and strength in the thoracic spine. Many of the poses in this sequence will also concentrate on this upper back region. Supported backbends are ideal poses for accessing this area. The class also shows you how to use yoga belts to create a neck lengthening shoulder traction. This belt harness is incorporated into some standing poses. Shoulder opening movements are also used to gain access to the neck region. Several reclining poses that help to give a gentle traction to the neck are also included in the sequence.  

Key Poses: Belt harness standing poses, ustrasana, viparita dandasana.

Equipment: Mat, chair, bolster 2 blankets, 2 blocks, 2 belts.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 55 min




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