90 Minute Standing Pose Foundations – Weekly Intermediate Class 138

Focus: This class is the second last in our current series of longer 90 minute duration classes working systematically through the main asana groups. The class focuses on standing poses. Strengthening, grounding, corrective and energising, this class gives you an extended opportunity to consolidate basic standing pose foundations and fundamentals. It also includes some key inversions. The inverted poses are practiced in preparatory stages, in addition to the final positions. This gives you the opportunity to either consolidate or extend. Regular practice of sequences such as this one will help you to build strength and stamina and correct asymmetries.

Key Poses: Standing poses, sirsasana preparation, adho mukha vrksasana.

Equipment: Mat, bolster, 2 blocks, blanket, belt.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 90 min

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  1. Di

    Thanks for letting us know, we have taken on the feedback from you and others and this is not an issue in recent and future classes.

  2. Linda B

    I enjoy your classes. My problem is that I cannot always see how you place your blocks. They blend in with the colour of your mat. If they were a different colour, perhaps blue, I could see them better.

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