Yoga For Strong Bones – Weekly Intermediate Class 207

Focus: This class will help to build stronger bones and muscles. It will also improve your sense of balance. In addition to being a great class for building overall strength, it will also be beneficial for people practicing with osteoporosis, or anyone wanting to improve bone density. The class features weight bearing yoga poses that will help to strengthen your legs and upper body. The poses in the sequence are challenging in terms of their ability to strengthen but will also be accessible to people who may be less experienced with yoga or practicing with limited mobility. Options are given in the class to work independently or with supports if needed. Build strength, balance and confidence.

Key Poses: Chaturanga dandasana, utkatasana, virabhadrasana 1 & 2, chatushpadasana.

Equipment: Mat, chair, blanket, 2 blocks.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 45 min




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