Warrior III And Other Standing Poses – Weekly Intermediate Class 15

Focus: Virabhadrasana III (warrior pose III) is for many people the more difficult of the three warrior poses. Not only is a degree of flexibility needed to find the basic shape of the pose, but also mental concentration is required to stay and hold. Added to this is the reality check of either balancing or not. This class looks at three approaches to getting into Virabhadrasana III. Initially you work with a simplified version of the pose where you can concentrate on weight transfer rather than lifting the body weight upwards. From there you progressively head towards the more classical approach of passing through the first warrior pose. Like the other warrior poses, Virabhdrasana III is empowering and uplifting.

This class also includes other key standing poses from the intermediate level. You are able to go deeper with warrior III whilst improving general strength, flexibility and general understanding.

Key Poses: Virabhadrasana III

Equipment: Mat, bolster, 2 blankets, 2 blocks, belt

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 40 min

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  1. Belinda C

    Hi Rod
    Thanks for your reply.
    No matter which way I go in – either via the intermediate course or via the classes the URL is the same. For example: https://yogaselection.com/courses/intermediate-course/classes/warrior-iii-and-other-standing-poses-weekly-intermediate-class-15/.
    The mark complete button is shaded out as well and is not clickable. Intermediate class 12 and 16 have automatically clicked over to the next class at the end and automatically marked as complete but the others haven’t and I am up to 19 now.
    It is not a big deal as I can just keep a record of what class I am up to anyway. Maybe something that I am doing wrong still though.

    • Rod

      Hi Belinda,

      Thanks for keeping me up to date with your experience. We have been having problems with the learning management system that we are currently rectifying. Thanks for your patience and apologies for any inconvience caused. Once it is up and running (which should be soon!) you can mark classes complete by fast forwarding to almost the end and then allowing them to spontaneously finish.

      • Belinda C

        Thanks Rod, I completely undertand. I work in a training provider and our LMS seems to always have some little clitch also. The last few classes have worked – intermediate – 26, 27, 28 (I am working my way through them one by one). However they go back to the last class instead of forward to the next class. It is not inconvenient just letting you know. I am loving your classes and can’t wait to do each one. Coming from a non iyengar background I love all the uses of the props – they allow the inner body to really get a sense of the pose in good alignment. You are creating a fantastic resource here. I am letting all my friends know about it. Trying to convert a few to Iyengar!

      • Rod

        Hi Belinda,

        Just updating you that the learning management system is now fixed, so you can mark your classes off! Thanks for your patience.

  2. Belinda C

    Hi I am really enjoying all your classes Rod. I am an Iyengr convert now. Is there are trick to getting the classes to mark as complete at the end of the class as i like to know which ones i have completed as I work my way through them. Sometimes they automatically do it and other times i have to keep replaying them until eventually they automatically go to the next class in the list and register as completed.

    • Rod

      Hi Belinda,

      Thanks for your feedback. I’m really glad you are enjoying the classes! If you want to mark classes as complete the trick is to do them from the course page. So for this one, view the class via the Intermediate Course page. As our learning system is linked with the courses. If you do the class via clicking from the Weekly Classes page you wont be given the option of marking the class as complete. I hope this makes sense. Please get in touch if you need any further assistance at all.

      Best wishes,


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