Extended Backbends Sequence – Weekly Intermediate Class 247

Focus: This class features an extended sequence of intermediate backbends. Some inversions and back releasing poses are also included. It will be great for clarifying the fundamentals and reinforcing the basics of the backbend asana group. In addition to highlighting key concepts and techniques this sequence will also be great for building strength, improving posture and boosting energy levels. Key foundation backbends such as salabhasa, dhanurasana, ustrasana, and urdhva mukha svanasana are included. A section on chair backbends follows these poses. The class also features sirsasana (headstand) and related variations. 

Key Poses: Salabhasa, dhanurasana, ustrasana, urdhva mukha svanasana, sirsasana. 

Equipment: Mat, chair, bolster, 2 blankets, 2 blocks, belt.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 80 min




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