Yoga For Abdominals & Core Strength – Weekly Intermediate Class 243

Focus: Improve your core strength and tone your waist. This class features a prop-free sequence that will strengthen your abdominals and each of the main muscles associated with the core muscle group. The core muscles reach deep into the torso and help to stabilise your spine, pelvis and shoulders. They can also help you to balance and can boost overall body strength in a variety of asanas. Poses such vasisthasana, “plank” and chaturanga dsndasana help to tone these muscles. In addition to these asanas this class also includes abdominal strengthening poses such as paripurna navasana, pavana muktasana and urdhva prasarita padasana. 

Key Poses: Vasisthasana, chaturanga dandasana, urdhva prasarita padasana, paripurna navasana.

Equipment: Mat, blanket.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 40 min




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