Vinyasa Twists & Inversions – Weekly Advanced Class 258

Focus: Vinyasa twists and inversions. This dynamic, vinyasa-style sequence will be great for boosting energy and vitality. You can practice this class with minimal yoga equipment. Be guided through a movement based sequence that begins with surya namaskar and continues towards a back and forth stepping action that links a variety of standing and seated twists with downward facing dog pose. Synchronise the movements of your body with the rhythmic movements of your breath. This type of practice is great for cutting through dullness and improving energy circulation. The latter part of the class features some quick and easy variations of potentially complicated poses like viparita karani and setu bandha sarvangasana that can be practiced with only a singular yoga block.

Key Poses: Parivrtta trikonasana, parivrtta ardha chandrasana, parivrtta parsvakonasana, arrdha matsyendrasana, marichyasana III.

Equipment: Mat, 2 blocks, blanket.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 55 min




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      It is wonderful to hear that you enjoyed the class Huda.

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