Knee Care – Weekly Advanced Class 158

Focus: A yoga sequence that helps to improve the health of your knees can include a wide range of asanas and variations. Poses that strengthen the muscles that support your knees are a great starting point. This can help to protect your knee joints from wear and tear and can contribute towards the longevity of cartilage and meniscus. Maintaining and improving the range of motion in your knees is another important aspect of overall knee care. These ideas are incorporated into this weeks class. The class also highlights ways of adapting poses so that knee strain can be minimised. It also includes poses that will be helpful in terms of transitioning towards more advanced knee related asanas.

Key Poses: Utkatasana, vajrasana, bhekasana

Equipment: Mat, 4 blocks, 2 blankets.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 45 min

Yoga poses