Quadratus Lumborum – Weekly Advanced Class 174

Focus:Β This class features poses that target the quadratus lumborum. Although categorised as an abdominal muscle the quadratus lumborum is situated in the lower back either side of the lumbar spine. It connects to both the lowest rib and the top of the pelvis. It is a stabilising muscle that contributes towards good postural habits whilst standing, sitting or walking. Sedentary lifestyle or long periods spent at a desk or sitting in front of a computer can tighten this muscle and be a common cause of lower back pain. For yoga practitioners, restricted mobility in the quadratus lumborum can limit access to a range of more advanced seated poses and forward bends. This weeks advanced class contains a series of poses that will help to bring elasticity to this region of the lower back.

Key Poses: Parighasana, parivrtta janu sirsasana.

Equipment:Β Mat, chair, 2 blankets, 2 blocks, belt.

Level:Β Advanced

Duration: 55Β min



  1. Agostina M

    hi rod! thanx so so much for this class (GREAT class). was training way too hard in march for certification assessment and then pandemic and then no exam (still no exam in the foreseeable future) but loaaaaaadddssss of strenuous, stressed out home practice april through july/mid-august. ended up totally burnt out and couldn’t find my way back to the mat… till today πŸ™‚ i evidently needed to approach the whole thing differently, back to yoga, back to class, left hip socket towards the right hip socket and my whole mind AWAY from assessment nightmare πŸ˜€ i just wanted to say thank you so so much for giving me back a joyful session of iyengar yoga whilst my teacher can’t (we’re still in full-blown quarantine here…). love, a.

  2. Gerald J

    Rod thank you for this. It is truly an incredible sequence and I really felt the effect throughout. I’ve had QL problems related to hip and disc issues for the past few years, which have been improving with visits to an osteopath. And this was an additional breakthrough. Would you be able to recommend anything for strengthening the QL as well?

  3. silvana o

    Great class!
    It hepls me to go deeper in the asana.
    Thank you very much!

  4. Joanna T

    What a wonderful class Rod, thank you! Like Linzi I have battled tight and painful QL muscles for years. I am sure I will be returning to this class often.

    Perhaps a focus on the Psoas area could be another class sometime in the future πŸ™‚

  5. Linzi K

    Thank you so much for focusing on this area Rod. QL has always been a stiff area for me & often causes lower back pain. This class certainly hit the spot. My back feels so much easier today πŸ™πŸ»

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