Pranayama, Ujjayi & Viloma – Weekly Advanced Class 75

Focus: This 55 minute class focuses less on restorative poses that prepare you for pranayama, and more on actual pranayama. Savasana is used as a starting point for settling down, and becoming more aware of your breath. Ujjayi pranayama (where your breath is lengthened), and viloma pranayama (where your breath is paused in stages) are explored from this supine position. The set up for savasana is adapted in three different ways to highlight three different qualities that can be brought to the breath. Eventually, these same pranayamas are developed in a seated, cross leg position. This class will particularly suit students who have a pre-existing experience of pranayama.

Key Poses: Ujjayi pranayama, viloma pranayama

Equipment: Mat, bolster, 3 blankets, 2 blocks

Level: Advanced

Duration: 55 min

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