Parivrtta Parsvakonasana – Weekly Advanced Class 205

Focus: This class will help you to gain new insights into the standing pose parivrtta parsvakonasana. This pose features a deep lateral rotation of the vertebral column and its associated muscles, tendons and ligaments. This twisting movement is great for improving the mobility of your back. The pose also requires you to maintain your balance whilst twisting. This can be challenging for many people. This class uses the support of a chair to help isolate and separate the twisting component of parivrtta parsvakonasana from its requirement of balance. With the added stability of a chair you gain the freedom to penetrate more deeply and safely into the spinal twist. This insight can then be brought to your unassisted version of the pose. 

Key Poses: Parivrtta parsvakonasana.

Equipment: Mat, chair, 2 blocks.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 35 min



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