Leg And Back Release – Weekly Advanced Class 28

Focus: This 35 minute class will be perfectly suited to times when you are feeling lower in energy, but wanting to keep your home practice momentum moving forwards. This sequence will be great for practicing later in the evening; or after long periods spent on your feet; or at times when you are feeling fatigued, or any time when your legs or back need some release.

The sequence begins with leg stretches from a reclining position. Poses that are normally practiced from the floor are taught here with elevated legs and the support of a wall. At no point in the class are you weight bearing on your feet. More classical forward bends are eventually included in the latter part of the class.

Expect that this calming class will help to improve the flexibility of your leg muscles, hips and lower back, whilst preserving energy levels.

Key Poses: supta padangusthasana, upavista konasana, urdhva paschimottanasana, ubhaya padangusthasana 

Equipment: Mat, 2 blankets, belt

Level: Advanced

Duration: 35 min

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