Iyengar Yoga Chair Backbends – Weekly Advanced class 45

Focus: This class contains several chair backbends that are regularly used within the Iyengar Yoga method. Techniques for setting up the poses are explored in detail. Ways of adjusting and aligning yourself whilst in the poses are also explored in detail. In order to prepare your body for working with these poses, you start this class by linking some sun salutes with standing poses. The standing poses that are included share common techniques with backbends.

From there you head directly to chair backbends. Initially you work with a version of upward facing dog pose. You then head towards chair backbend variations of urdhva dhanurasana (bridge pose). Some of these poses are great for giving newer students a more supported experience of the pose. They might also be helpful at times when you are lower in energy. More experienced practitioners will also find that they are useful at the beginning of a backbend session where they can help to create opening and space.

Key Poses: Surya namaskar, urdhva mukha svanasana, urdhva dhanurasana

Equipment: Mat, chair, 2 blankets, 2 blocks, belt

Level: Advanced

Duration: 45 min

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