Lifting Into Headstand With Straight Legs – Weekly Advanced Class 162

Focus: Lifting into headstand with straight legs. Learning to do a headstand (sirsasana) for the first time can bring a huge sense of accomplishment. Getting to this point will often mean confronting insecurities and overcoming fear. In addition to any other benefits that may be associated with this famous yoga pose the process can help to cultivate confidence and resilience. Most people will initially spend an extended period of time learning preparatory poses that gradually prepare for a full headstand. In time a wall can then be utilised to support the pose whilst basic techniques are learnt and necessary strength is gradually acquired. At this point a kicking action is helpful to get into headstand one leg at a time. This method is helpful in the beginning but does not always naturally lead towards the ability to balance independently without the assistance of a wall. Learning to free balance is another important milestone in the process of practicing headstand. This weeks advanced class on Yoga Selection explores these next stages. The class focuses on techniques that help to improve your ability to free balance in sirsasana. It also includes variations that will help you to be able to lift into the pose with your legs together. This is initially done with bent knees but eventually with straight legs. Learning these techniques can further build your confidence and fast track your ability to confidently practice the pose in the middle of the room.

Key Poses: Sirsasana.

Equipment: Mat, chair, block.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 35 min



  1. silvana o

    Sirsasana means a great challenge for me; thanks very much for your help; so clear in every word.

    • Rod

      You are very welcome Silvana. I’m really glad to hear that the class has helped you with this pose.

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