Advanced Chair Backbends – Weekly Advanced Class 53

Focus: This class is an ideal re-entry into backbends for 2018. The sequence mainly contains chair backbends. It culminates in a supported variation of the advanced backbend vrschikasana (scorpion pose).

The class is an opportunity to reconnect with some of the benefits that can be gained from this group of poses. Backbends are powerful poses that can have a transformative effect on both your body and mind. They can help to bring strength and suppleness to your spine, and assist in improving your overall posture. Traditionally, backbends have been thought of as yoga poses that stimulate the nervous system, and raise energy levels. They can also help to impart a sense of psychological strength and resilience.

Key Poses: urdhva mukha svanasana, urdhva dhanurasana, vrschikasana

Equipment: Mat, chair, bolster, 2 blankets, 2 blocks, belt

Level: Advanced

Duration: 55 min

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