Chair Backbends – Weekly Advanced Class 176

Focus: This class features a sequence of chair backbends. The chair is used as a support for a number of poses such as ustrasana, urdhva mukha svanasana, dwi pada viparita dandasana and urdhva dhanurasana. In addition to helping with energy preservation the chair is also used to open your shoulders in preparation for the specific action of lifting into urdhva dhanurasana. The class will be useful for improving your shoulder mobility as well being an energising backbend sequence. 

Key Poses: Ustrasana, urdhva mukha svanasana, urdhva dhanurasana, dwi pada viparita dandasana.

Equipment: Mat, chair, bolster, 2 blankets, 2 blocks, belt.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 60 min


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