Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana – Weekly Advanced Class 143

Focus: This weeks advanced class features the backbend dwi pada viparita dandasana. It explores one way of approaching the pose via a series of methodically linked chair backbends. Key aspects of the pose are gradually introduced in clearly defined stages. The class culminates with an unassisted version of the pose that does not rely on any yoga props, but any of the stages along the way can be practiced as ends in themselves. For experienced practitioners the class will be an ideal backbend practice that can be completed in a continuous single session, but equally this class might be a work in progress to which you keep returning and gradually take further as your practice evolves over time.

Key Poses: Dwi pada viparita dandasana.

Equipment: Mat, bolster, chair, 2 blankets, 2 blocks.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 60 min

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  1. Huda M

    Iyengar at its purest. I could perform the classic Dwi pad without any trouble. Thanks for the lovely prep. Chair backbends open mostly my abdominal region.

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