Yoga Poses To Relieve Lower Back Pain – Weekly Advanced Class 82

Focus: This class is based around poses that help to relieve lower back pain. It is the third in our series of classes that help to promote a healthy spine. The class begins with some poses that help to remove muscular tension from the lower back. From there standing poses are practiced with your feet in a diagonal stance. This encourages the sacrum to move in, and the spine to lengthen away from the pelvis. Chair twists help to improve your spinal rotation. Several variations of the supta padangusthasana reclining leg stretches are then included. The class ends with some gentle poses using the support of two chairs that will be ideal for combatting inflammation in the lower back. Savasana is practiced in a prone position. Blankets are positioned in this pose to help release and relax the muscles associated with the lumbar spine. 

Key Poses: Diagonal standing poses,chair twists, supta padangusthasana, pavana mukthasana

Equipment: Mat, 2 chairs, 2 bolsters, 3 blankets, 2 blocks, belt

Level: Advanced

Duration: 50 min

Course Progress


  1. Linzi K

    Thank you so much Rod. I have been training to be a introductory Iyengar teacher for the last 2 years. Unfortunately I didn’t pass my assessment as my nerves got the better of me!
    I kind of fell out of love with Iyengar Yoga after that. but now having discovered Yoga Selection I’m back to practicing everyday. I’m discovering new tips from you and really enjoying your huge selection of classes. Nameste

    • Rod

      Hi Linzi,

      Thank you for taking the time to provide an insight into your experience. I am so glad to hear the website has helped you to re-engage with your practice. It can be tough going through exams and I was sorry to hear about your experience with that. I hope you continue to find good tips in amongst the classes. Please feel free to keep in touch with any comments, questions or requests.

      Best wishes,


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