Chest Opening Poses & Chair Twists – Weekly Advanced Class 66

Focus: This weeks advanced class contains poses that help to contain your upper back and open your chest. The initial part of the class uses a belt looped around your arms to gain access to the thoracic spine. For many people this is a stiffer region of the back, more prone to lifting and bulging. Poses are chosen that help you to bring a more even balance to this region of your spine. The sequence then heads in the direction of spine releasing chair twists. This is a great class for helping to both boost energy levels and improve the health of your spine.

Key Poses: trikonasana, virabhadrasana II, parvottanasana, parivrtta trikonasana, chair twists

Equipment: Mat, chair, 3 blankets, 2 blocks, belt

Level: Advanced

Duration: 50 min

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