Standing Poses With Wall Variations – Weekly Advanced Class 239

Focus: This class features a full sequence of standing pose variations using a wall. A wall can be used for a variety of different outcomes. In a recent class we were using it to help preserve energy. This week we are using the wall to assist with balance and give you an improved ability to lengthen and turn your spine. Some of the twisting actions that are naturally present in standing poses can be emphasised with this approach. In addition to using a wall, some of the poses in this class use a block to elevate your front foot. This can be therapeutic for sore knees if necessary but can also help to bypass stiffness in your hips and give you improved access to twisting actions. This energetic sequence includes twelve key asanas from the standing pose group. 

Key Poses: Standing poses.

Equipment: Mat, blanket, 3 blocks.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 50 min



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