Yoga For Spondylolysis – Weekly Advanced Class 209

Focus: Nine poses to bring relief to an aching lower back. This class features poses that avoid excessive arching in the lumbar spine. There may be a variety of reasons why you need to avoid overarching your lower back. It may be because you are looking to rebalance after a strong session of backbends, or to avoid aggregating minor aches and pains, or it may be because you are practicing with more serious problems such as spondylolysis or spondylolisthesis. Each of the yoga for spondylolysis poses in this short sequence will help to re-create space and comfort in the whole lower back region. 

Key Poses: Adho mukha virasana, pavanamuktasan, supta padangusthasana.

Equipment: Mat, bolster, blanket, 2 blocks, belt.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 25 min



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