Supported Backbends – Weekly Advanced Class 183

Focus: Supported backbends. This short sequence lets you ease directly into a backbend practice without needing to first transition through a variety of preparatory poses. It will open your shoulders and thoracic spine whilst heading in the direction of urdhva dhanurasana.  It will be well suited to occasions when you are looking to lift your energy and improve your backbends whilst juggling a busy schedule. Stiffness in the upper back and shoulders can be a limiting factor for many people when working with backbends. This sequence targets these areas but does so using supports such as a chair and bolster. This helps you to remain in each pose for longer periods, allowing sufficient time for change to occur and progress to be made. 

Key Poses: Urdhva dhanurasana, viparita dandasana.

Equipment: Mat, chair, bolster, 2 blocks, 2 blankets.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 50 min




  1. David K

    This was such a helpful class. It helped me gain a new understanding of the instruction, “neck release, head hang.”

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