Backbends For The Thoracic Spine – Weekly Advanced Class 136

Focus: This weeks class features backbends that target the upper back. Paryankasana is featured in the first section of the class. Blocks are commonly used in this pose to help open the chest and upper back. In addition to blocks this class also uses a wall for your hands to press against. This brings an additional shoulder opening aspect to the pose that helps to cut through stiffness and create space for your arms to eventually extend over your head. Bhujangasana is then practiced in three distinct stages that help to simultaneously open and strengthen. Most of the backbends included in the class are also practiced in stages that gradually build towards a final position. These stages are highlighted and practiced as ends in themselves. Different actions are emphasised and specific areas of the body are targeted as you work methodically through these stages. Urdhva mukha svanasana and ustrasana are also explored in a step-by-step progression. This class helps to combine the energising boost of backbends with some penetrating upper back and shoulder opening variations.

Key Poses: Paryankasana, urdhva mukha svanasana, bhujangasana, ustrasana.

Equipment: Mat, chair, 2 blocks, blanket, belt.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 40 min


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  1. silvana o

    I loved the blocks in this class; they made me feel the asanas deep.
    Thank you!!!!

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