Forward Bends & Inversions – Weekly Advanced Class 226

Focus: Forward bends and inversions. This 65 minute practice is ideally suited to the end of the year when it is common to be experiencing lower than normal energy levels. The class will help to restore, revitalise and rebalance. It features supported forward bends alongside inversions such as sirsasana, chair sarvangasana, pincha mayurasana and adho mukha vrksasana. In the forward bend section of the class each pose is held for an extended period of time with your forehead resting on a support. This helps to preserve energy and gives you sufficient time to completely release on a physical and mental level. The inversions will help to soothe your nervous system and rebalance depleted energy levels. 

Key Poses: Adho mukha vrksasana, pincha mayurasana, sirsasana, janu sirsasana, paschimottanasana.

Equipment: Mat, chair, blanket, 2 blocks, belt.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 65 min



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