Arm Balances – Weekly Advanced Class 164

Focus: Arm balances are great yoga poses for strengthening your whole body. As the name implies this group of poses will target your arms and wrists, but in addition to this, your abdominal muscles, legs and most of the other main muscle groups in your body will also be challenged and strengthened. Arm balancing asanas are notoriously difficult for most people when they first start practicing yoga. They are poses that are often avoided and neglected in the early days because of this. As our yoga experience grows it is common to revisit these poses with renewed interest, motivation and determination. Results will often coincide with; improvements in overall body mobility, a more flexible mental approach to problem solving, a sharper sense of balance, and a willingness to explore alternatives to brute strength. These poses will ultimately help to cultivate mental strength and resilience. With many people around the word finding themselves housebound and cramped for space, arm balances are a perfect way of improving muscular strength without being reliant on specialist equipment or yoga studio facilities.

Key Poses: Vasisthasana, bakasana, eka hasta bhujasana, dwi hasta bhujasana, bhujapidasana, titibasana.

Equipment: Mat.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 40 min


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