Bakasana – Weekly Advanced Class 64

Focus: This class teaches the arm balancing pose Bakasana (crane pose). It breaks the pose down into preparatory stages that can be beneficial when practiced in isolation, or as part of a step-by-step progression towards the full pose. Initially bakasana is taught from a standing position, and eventually from the inverted pose sirsasana II.

There are many benefits that come from regularly practicing Bakasana. It helps to strengthen your wrists, arms and abdominal muscles. It also helps to both open and tone the inner groins, and has a broadening effect on the upper back that can help to release the thoracic spine. In order to feel confident with this pose there is a particular need for persistence and regular practice. As a result, as you progress, it can help to build inner strength and resilience.

Key Poses: bakasana

Equipment: Mat

Level: Advanced

Duration: 20 min

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