Hamstrings and Knee Care – Weekly Advanced Class 38

Focus: This class demonstrates some simple ways of giving your knees extra support whilst working with standing poses. The class is categorised as focussing on hamstrings, but in addition to this it will also help to improve general flexibility of your legs and hips. Most of the major standing poses from this level are included in the sequence. Some of the bent leg poses are adjusted so that the ball of your front foot is placed up the wall. This will help to promote a healthy alignment of your legs generally, and knees specifically. Using the wall in this way can help to maintain space and stability within the knee joint. Throughout the class an emphasis is given to ways in which the standing poses can be used to strengthen the muscles associated with the knees. This class will be great for anyone who is needing to take particular care of their knees. It will also suit anyone who is wanting to see traditional standing poses from a new perspective.

Key Poses: Standing poses

Equipment: Mat, blanket, 2 blocks

Level: Advanced

Duration: 50 min

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