Standing Poses For Twists – Weekly Advanced Class 234

Focus: Try this sequence as a way of preparing your body for an extended session of seated twists, or use the class in isolation to release your back and improve spinal mobility. This class follows on from last weeks class where links between standing poses and forward bends were explored. In this class we feature a sequence of standing poses viewed from the perspective of yoga twists. Practicing twisting movements from a standing position can be very therapeutic for your back. It can help you to bypass stiffness associated with major muscle groups and joints thereby improving access to spine releasing mobility.

Key Poses: Trikonasana, parsvottanasana, parivrtta trikonasana, parivrtta ardha chandrasana, parivrtta parsvakonasana.

Equipment: Mat, chair, blanket, 2 blocks.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 60 min



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