Yoga Poses For The Neck – Weekly Advanced Class 101

Focus: This sequence focuses on improving the range of motion in the neck region. From a yoga perspective, a good starting point for improving the health of the neck, is to improve the mobility of the thoracic spine. Many of the poses in this sequence will also concentrate on this upper back region. Supported backbends are ideal poses for accessing this area. The class also shows you how to use yoga belts to create a neck lengthening shoulder traction. This belt harness is incorporated into some standing poses. Shoulder opening movements are also used to gain access to the neck region. Seated twists are also included in the sequence, as are some reclining poses that help to give a gentle traction to the neck.

Key Poses: Paryankasana, uttanasana, belt harness tadasana, dwi pada viarita dandasana, neck traction savasana.

Equipment: Mat, 2 chairs, 2 bolsters, 4 blankets, 3 blocks, 2 belts.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 60 min

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  1. Krishnashanti

    So many great and creative ways to use the props! this class made my upper back happy for the day 🙂

    • Di

      Wonderful to hear that your upper back is happy after the class Krishnashanti. It is a great one to repeat if you are feeling any stiffness in your neck and upper back area.

  2. David K

    I struggle with neck issues constantly, and having this class to return to has helped me so profoundly.

  3. silvana o

    I ha!ve a new neck!!!
    The class realease that pain I got practicing free sirsasana.
    Thank you very much!!!!

    • Rod

      That’s wonderful to hear! Glad it helped you. Sirsasana shouldn’t be painful for your neck. If you are finding that is the case it is best to come down straight away, If you need further help please let me know – rod@yogaselection.com

  4. Linzi K

    Fantastic practice Rod. Really helped my stiff neck!! Thank you 🙏🏻

    • Rod

      Glad to hear it Linzi! It might be a good one to repeat.

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