Eka Hasta Bhujasana – Weekly Advanced Class 216

Focus: Eka hasta bhujasana (elephant trunk pose) is the focus of this class. This arm balancing pose is excellent for improving overall body strength. It develops muscle groups associated with your arms, chest, abdomen and legs. This tutorial style class offers a step-by-step exploration of the pose. It isolates key actions and troubleshoots common problems that can be encountered when practicing the pose. In addition to exploring the classical, unassisted version of eka hasta bhujasana some alternative approaches complete with modifications are also included that may be helpful for students working with with restrictions or limitations. In particular, the class shares techniques for using yoga blocks to assist with lifting and supporting your body weight. The class will be well suited to people who are newer to the arm balancing group of asanas as well as more experienced students who are looking to deepen their understanding. 

Key Poses: Eka hasta bhujasana.

Equipment: Mat, 2 blocks. 

Level: Advanced

Duration: 20 min



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