Whole Body Yoga – Weekly Advanced Class 195

Focus: This class features an assortment of asanas that have been selected from most of the main pose categories. The sequence will be ideal for improving and maintaining the full spectrum of your asana practice. It includes a selection of standing poses, forward bends, twists, inversions, abdominals and restorative poses, all within the one sequence. Targeting multiple areas in the one session rather than focusing on one particular pose group can give you a whole body experience and boost your overall yoga practice momentum. Periodically including sequences like this in your home practice can help to bring freshness and break monotony. 

Key Poses: Trikonasana, sirsasana, krounchasana, paripurna navasana, viparita karani.

Equipment: Mat, bolster, 2 blankets, 2 blocks.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 55 min



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