Chair Sarvangasana – Weekly Advanced Class 172

Focus: Chair sarvangasana and variations. This class features a tutorial-style overview of chair sarvangasana. It also includes some variations that are related to this pose as well as some complementary inversions such as niralamba sarvangasana. Each pose in the sequence is methodically linked. This results in the class forming a cohesive restorative practice focusing on sarvangasana. The class can serve multiple purposes. It can be added as a supplement to other classes in the video library that do not include inversions, but can also be practiced as a stand-alone class to help you become more familiar with this key supported inversion. It could also be used to help to rejuvenate energy levels during times when you are feeling tired or unwell. The class guides you in how to arrange yoga props and optimise their effectiveness. It also demonstrates safe techniques in terms of getting in and out of the pose.

Key Poses: Chair sarvangasana, niralamba sarvangasna.

Equipment: Mat, 2 chairs, blanket, bolster.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 20 min


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