Restorative Yoga With Pranayama – Weekly Advanced Class 137

Focus: This weeks class focuses on restorative yoga poses and eventually heads in the direction of breath awareness and pranayama. Some restorative poses are included to relax the body, open the chest and help create a smooth and even breath rhythm. Other poses are included more specifically to prepare for pranayama, or to highlight a certain aspect of pranayama and make it more accessible. A number of variations of sukhasana (simple cross leg) are also included with an emphasis on breath awareness. These variations help you to progress towards some seated ujjayi pranayama (more consciously long and regulated breathing) in the latter part of the class. Whilst being simultaneously energising and calming, this type of practice can leave you with a feeling of clarity and balance.

Key Poses: Sukhasana, cross bolsters viparita dandasana, ujjayi pranayama.

Equipment: Mat, bolster, chair, 2 blocks, 2 blankets, belt.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 80 min

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