Arm Balances – Weekly Advanced Class 123

Focus: Arm balances are the main focus of this weeks class. They can be daunting poses to engage with. For some students they can feel impossible! However, persevering with a range different angles and approaches ultimately leads to progress. Making headway with this set of poses can be particularly uplifting as a result and can lead to a sense of real achievement. They are generally great poses for cultivating strength, resilience and confidence. Key arm balancing poses such as eka hasta bhujasana, dwi hasta bhujasana, bhujapidasana and tittibhasana are all taught in detail. Each pose is broken down into clear stages that isolate fundamental actions and progressively build towards the final pose.

Key Poses: Eka hasta bhujasana, dwi hasta bhujasana, bhujapidasana, tittibhasana.

Equipment: Mat, chair, bolster, blanket, 2 blocks.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 60 min

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  1. Arundhati B

    My first time on yoga selection. I enjoyed this class a lot. Am curious, would you recommend height under the seat for titthibhasana or Eka Hasta Bhujapidasana? I have a short spine and very long limbs for my height. The height helps in taking off. But wondering if I just need lower abdominal strength. Maybe I’ve been cheating myself by using the blocks? Your input is valuable. Thanks, Rod. See you in another class.

  2. Yuki M

    Loved this class. Your instructions were clear and detailed. It was the first time for me to straighten my legs in Tittibhasana. Thank you.

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