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Explore our growing collection of online yoga classes to get your practice moving.

Whatever your needs or level of experience, we’ve got it covered. Choose your level, class length, or class focus and do some yoga!

virabhadrasana 2

Standing Poses, Inversions & Minimal Props – Weekly Advanced Class 270

yoga for strength

Yoga For Full Body Strength – Weekly Intermediate Class 270


Express Standing Poses (Wall Variations) – Weekly Advanced Class 269

restorative yoga

Intermediate Restorative Sequence – Weekly Intermediate Class 269

yoga for wrists and shoulders

Wrists and Shoulders – Weekly Advanced Class 268

Yoga for the piriformis

Glutes & Piriformis – Weekly Intermediate Class 268

paripurna navasana

Abdominals & Forward Bends – Weekly Advanced Class 267


Parsvottanasana (Intense Side Stretch Pose) – Weekly Intermediate Class 267

Sirsasana (headstand)

Sirsasana (Headstand) Basics – Weekly Intermediate Class 266

yoga for upper back, neck and shoulders

Yoga For The Upper Back, Neck & Shoulders – Weekly Advanced Class 266

parsva upavista konasana

Upavista Konasana – Weekly Advanced Class 265

Yoga Poses To Soothe Your Lower Back

Yoga Poses To Soothe Your Lower Back – Weekly Intermediate Class 265

virabhadrasana 2

Standing Poses & Knee Care – Weekly Advanced Class 264

upavista konasana

Forward Bends For Stiff Bodies – Weekly Intermediate Class 264

inversions and shoulder mobility

Inversions & Shoulder Mobility – Weekly Advanced Class 263

upavista konasana

Intermediate Standing Poses & Inversions – Weekly Intermediate Class 263

Improve Your Twists – Weekly Advanced Class 262

Standing poses and inversions

Ardha Chandrasana & Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana – Weekly Intermediate Class 262

forward bends and restorative yoga

Forward Bends & Restorative Yoga – Weekly Advanced Class 261

standing poses for times of low energy

Standing Poses For Times Of Low Energy – Weekly Intermediate Class 261

strength and energy

Strength & Energy – Weekly Intermediate Class 260

chair backbend variations

Chair Backbend Variations – Weekly Advanced Class 260

padmasana (lotus pose)

Padmasana (Lotus Pose) – Weekly Intermediate Class 259

vinyasa padmasana sequence

Vinyasa Padmasana Sequence – Weekly Advanced Class 259

yoga for bedtime

Yoga For Bedtime – Weekly Intermediate Class 258

vinyasa twists & inversions

Vinyasa Twists & Inversions – Weekly Advanced Class 258

Yoga Sequence Using Doweling – Weekly Intermediate Class 257

unlock your upper back

Unlock Your Upper Back – Weekly Advanced Class 257

yoga poses for better posture

Yoga Poses For Better Posture – Weekly Intermediate Class 256

shoulder opening forward bends

Shoulder Opening Forward Bends – Weekly Advanced Class 256

Gluteal Strengthening Sequence

Gluteal Strengthening Sequence – Weekly Advanced Class 255

quick & easy shoulder class

Quick & Easy Shoulder Sequence – Weekly Intermediate Class 255

back care

Back Care – Weekly Advanced Class 254

grounding standing poses

Grounding Standing Pose Sequence – Weekly Intermediate Class 254

Forward Bends, Inversions & Balance – Weekly Advanced Class 253

virabhadrasana III

Virabhadrasana III – Weekly Intermediate Class 253

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