Beginner Extension Course II

Learn yoga basics with expert guidance in this introductory beginners yoga course. The Beginner Extension Course II is the final instalment of the four-part Yoga Selection online yoga for beginners program. Progress from beginner to intermediate in 18 video classes. The Yoga Selection beginners program is the most comprehensive and structured beginners program available online. It will help you to build a safe and solid foundation for your yoga practice. Once you complete the four-part beginner program you are then ready to progress to intermediate level classes.

This set of four classes adds the final touches to preparing you for the intermediate level. There are still a few gaps needing to be filled in. Some poses have not yet been taken past the preparation stage, and a few other key poses are now ready to be introduced. You will develop the preparation for headstand and handstand further into full inversions.

It is common to find these poses challenging but exhilarating. Having the ability to confidently perform these inversions is not essential to progressing to the intermediate level, but knowing the most appropriate pose to use as an alternative is important. This course will guide you in making these decisions. If desired, supplement this learning with the course on handstand, located in the courses section. This will provide you with a more detailed understanding.

As you complete all of the beginner courses, you will find the range of poses in your repertoire expanding. It can be helpful to repeat this course and others in the beginner section, in order to consolidate what you have learned. When you are ready, move on to the intermediate classes and courses to further explore and deepen your practice.

Who is this course for?

  • Individuals new to yoga
  • Those new to Iyengar yoga
  • Anyone needing to re-visit basic yoga principles

Ideally, complete Basic Beginner Course (parts I and II) and Beginner Extension Course I prior to commencing this course.

How will learning yoga help me?

People try yoga for varying reasons. You might be looking for relief from back pain or some other discomfort. Perhaps you are interested in sport and want to improve your performance or minimise your injury risk. Maybe you need a tool to manage stress. These are all good reasons to give yoga a try.

What do I get from this course?

  • A comprehensive and structured introduction to yoga using the Iyengar method
  • Essential foundations and key principles clearly communicated to help you go further on your yoga journey
  • Step by step tracking of your progression through the course
  • Email reminders to help keep you motivated and on track
  • Email support from your teacher

By now you have had some yoga experience and will be feeling more consistently stronger, flexible and energetic. You might notice you are more able to relax. Your concentration, whilst practicing and in other settings, may be more sustained. There will be a building sense of confidence in your body awareness and control as you progress your learning of the inverted poses. The rotating and balanced structure to your practice found in this course can start to provide a corresponding feeling of balance in your body and mind.

To find out more about learning Iyengar yoga online as a beginner, see our blog article


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Course Progress

Beginner Extension Course II - Class 5

Focus: This class teaches you how to develop the preparation for handstand and headstand into full inversions. Proceed according to your own capacity. For many people this is a step which takes some time to complete. The class then concentrates on the standing poses as a complete group. Check out the course page for more information.

Key Poses: All standing poses from previous courses including Virabhadrasana III, preparation for headstand and full arm balance - both kicking up to the wall.

Equipment: Mat, bolster, 2 blankets, 2 blocks, belt

Level: Beginner Extension

Duration: 60 min

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Beginner Extension Course II - Class 6

Focus: Develop the action of kicking up into handstand and headstand in class 6. Clear alternative poses are provided if needed. A few standing poses then lead you towards forward bends. Seated poses from this level and the previous levels are consolidated. Bharadvajasana, the kneeling twist, is explored. Importantly, this class teaches the first stages of the famous yoga pose Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulder stand). You will work with this pose more regularly from this point onwards.

Key Poses: Salamba Sarvangasana, Bharadvajasana, all seated forward bends from this level.

Equipment: Mat, bolster, 3 blankets, 2 blocks, belt

Level: Beginner Extension

Duration: 60 min

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Beginner Extension Course II - Class 7

Focus: Start to challange yourself more as you practice kicking up into inverted poses. The early section of this class concentrates on handstand and headstand. From there the preparatory backbends are consolidated. The kneeling Ustrasana or camel pose is introduced. Towards the end of the class Sarvangasana (shoulderstand) is developed, you will learn a technique of using the wall to bring youself into the pose.

Key Poses: Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Up Dog), Chatushpadasana (Four Feet Pose), Ustrasana (Camel Pose), Sarvangasana (shoulderstand).

Equipment: Mat, 3 blankets, bolster, 2 blocks

Level: Beginner Extension

Duration: 60 min

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Beginner Extension Course II - Class 8

Focus: This final class of the Beginner Extension Courses completes the process of getting you ready for the Intermediate Level. You will find this is a slower paced class. There are some shoulder opening alternatives that can be used instead of inverted poses. You are guided in how to set up a supported version of downward facing dog pose. Some supported twists and reclining leg stretches are included. Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulderstand) is covered in depth. Then finish off with a longer Savasana, looking at breath awareness and Pranayama.

Key Poses: Salamba Sarvangasana, Savasana.

Equipment: Mat, chair, 3 blankets, bolster, 2 blocks, belt

Level: Beginner

Duration: 60 min

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  1. Jade V

    Hmmm, ik was nog niet klaar met typen dus ik ga even verder. Ik ben helemaal opnieuw begonnen bij de beginners en ik leer er zoveel meer bij.
    Sorry voor het schrijven in het Nederlands , ik kan Engels redelijk verstaan , vak taal , maar slecht lezen.
    Ik dank je voor al deze mooie nieuwe kennis en ik hou van je , hopelijk mag ik dat zeggen vanuit mijn hartje 🥰
    Warme gemeende knuffel , Jade 🙏🌿🌺🌿🙏

  2. Jade V

    Ik heb geprobeerd en geprobeerd om handstand te doen .heb drie jaar geleden mijn ribben gebroken en daar nog steeds last van .de handstand lukt dus niet , pijn en ik doe het te verkrampt tussen twee stoelen met mijn schouders erop en stoel poten vast houden gaat een stuk beter.
    Ik ben 66 jaar en doe al jaren yoga ook geef ik daar les in .
    Jouw lessen vind ik een perfectie van lichaamshoudingen en geniet daar volop van.

  3. Anne B

    Hi Rod, I really enjoyed all the beginner courses, thanks so much! I have started on some intermediate lessons now and am very keen to learn more, but I can’t seem to find my way around in this section. I liked the nicely built structure of the beginner’s classes where I could complete one after the other lesson and complete a whole ‘package’ and move on to the next. The intermediate course is quite extensive with all kinds of different focus points and perhaps I grabbed some difficult ones, and I liked doing multiple postures in 1 class instead of focusing on 1 for a longer time. Would you be able to guide me a bit, e.g. which courses to take next to build my practice on top of all the beginner courses? I hope I am making sense. Thanks 🙂

    • Jim C

      I agree with this comment. After I complete the beginner extension series, it would be great to have a beginner intermediate path or some resource on how to choose a path through the intermediate classes. For example, I am an older person who wants to maintain and extend strength and flexibility as I age. Thank you

  4. Anissa C

    I have been practicing yoga Iyengar for 16 years. I enjoy to practice your beginner courses, they help me to adjust my asanas with your clear explanations. Thank you a lot!

    • Rod

      You’re welcome Annissa! Glad. to hear that the classes are assisting you in that way. I really appreciate your feedback 🙂

    • Rod

      That’s wonderful to hear Susan! Thanks for your feedback!!

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