Tadasana – Mountain Pose

Outline: Tadasana is an ideal starting point if you are new to yoga. It is also a pose experienced practioners can use regularly to assist with a process of ongoing refinement of body awareness.  It helps you to learn how to align your whole body in order to balance evenly over the soles of the feet. Your spine will become more supported and stronger as you work with the actions that strengthen your legs. This solid foundation will help you to stand with a more open chest. Tadasana is a pose which simultaneously contains some of the most basic and advanced yoga teachings.

Benefits: Helps to improve overall body awareness and posture. Highlights and corrects poor posture habits. Promotes a sense of both physical and mental stability.

Equipment: Mat

Level: Beginner

Duration: 10 min

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  1. Martin O

    Hi Rod. First of all, thank you for your work. Even with the limited time I’ve been able to give the beginners course I’ve got a lot out of it.
    On Tadasana, the cue is to tense the legs/knee-caps. There are a few ways that I can do this, with different effects. Could you please clarify (i) is the intention to internally rotate the femur in the hip socket; and (ii) whether we should end up with anterior or posterior tilt of the pelvis? Many thanks. Martin

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